Monday, November 16, 2015

बगल पडोसी - a simple message to Pakistan

बगल पडोसी जिनके घर में रोटी है न पानी 

बस दो चार बम बनाये करने को मनमानी 

करने को मनमानी ना  देखी अपनी जनता रोती 

चले सिखाने हमको प्रेम ग्रन्थ की पोथी 

प्रेम ग्रन्थ की पोथी भाई तुम न पढाओ 

अपने घर जो आग लगी है जा कर उसे बुझाओ 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Get Airtel 4G

                How wonderful speed is! We all have always aspired to be quicker at things we can accomplish using our smart phones. But many a times we have been unable to achieve it because of slow internet speeds on our mobile phones. I remember the time when I could not book a train ticket using my phone. I needed a laptop and a broadband to be able to do the most dreaded thing online ever i.e. booking a tatkal train ticket on IRCTC website.
               But then came 3G and changed the way we percieved online operations on mobile phones. Today every other day we see apps getting launched for banking, online food ordering, social networking etc. There are apps now even for political parties and their policies. The whole world is a better place now for many reasons and one of them is that we have better speed of mobile internet. Now here is the good news. We all have loved 3G speed on our phones and anticipated greater speed and convenience in next generation 4G networks.

               We all have been waiting for cheaper 4G enabled phones and networks that could support 4G speeds. Our mutual friend Airtel has already setup a vast network for 4G operations. They have come out with great plans for us to use and they have made it extremely easy for us as well to get a 4G sim. Here are the details for you:-
    1. Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free.
    2. Once a user tweets #GetAirtel4G he gets a reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing the user to a link where a user need to enter his details for SIM delivery.

 Read more about it at
              So if you have a phone which is 4G network ready what are you waiting for. Open your twitter app now and tweet for it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Steps of Evolution - 1

Dear Reader,

If you have not read the first part of the series , please read it here -

Story of Evolution - Get introduced to characters and story

3 years Later

                         Dolphina was restless. Her heart was racing; she had never thought that this day would come. Matsya was dead. She was all alone but her responsibilities as the queen mother and chief minister of kingdom of waters did not afford her a moment of grief on death of her dearest. Just three years back on May 18, 2012 they had met with King of Forests Sultan and his minister Chanak to discuss problems caused by humans and decided to let it be for a while so that humans could learn from their mistakes and evolve with time. But it had proven fatal for Matsya, her love. How she wished today that she had decided to kill all humans and get rid of their ill plans.
She shouted for the guard and asked him to get Chanak from forests.
                   Earlier that day Matsya was out for a swim with his bodyguards. He was enjoying the great expanse of the sea and loved the bitter salty taste of its water, after all he was born in it and since then had lived to love and protect it. There was no better swimmer in the entire kingdom. He was 42 feet long and weighed more than 20 tonnes but no one could control the speed and dive as he could. He was feeling fantastic that morning when kissed Dolphina good bye.

He was swimming a few hundred kilometers from the lands south of river Narmada. He loved the water in this part of sea which humans called Arabian Sea. He could see human fishing boats and other huge structures which were sailing across the sea with a lot of grains and other supplies for different parts of world where humans had made their colonies. He was always well informed about these routes as he always kept a distant watch on these areas.

Today he had decided to come closer to the shore to get a closer look at all the things that were being developed at the sea shore. He could see long lines of tall building less than 100 meters from the sea shore. He wondered if humans never learn from the destructions of the past, why they choose to live so close to the sea. He saw many outlets of dirty water that were freely flowing into sea making the whole part of the sea dark black. He was disgusted at the sight of it. He had not realized that he had come very close to the shore and the taste and quality of the water that they were treading into, was very different from what they had ever experienced. He took a sip of the water and felt dizzy, just a sip of it was enough to get him lose his consciousness. His body guards were in no better shape. They were struggling to see and breath. The water did not have enough oxygen for them. Suddenly their gills were full of a pollutant they had never known about, in effort to save their lives they were taking more and more water to get enough oxygen but that was getting their gills blocked and they were not able to push the water out anymore. They were drowning with the weight of water and all of them were losing control of their tail and muscles because not enough oxygen was available to their brains. They were slowing down and in next few minutes all of them knew that they were not going to make it back home that day.

Only one thing that was left for them to do before giving their lives was to push their king to the land in last hope that humans would be intelligent enough to save him. They had seen reports that a small fraction of humans were advocating measures to save the nature. They had never thought, but humans were their last hope in a bid to save their king. They mustered all the courage that was required and pushed the floating body of their king towards the land. They could never know if they were successful, for their life had already gone out of them.
                           Humans always love a spectacle. A huge whale on their shore was another that they could not get enough of. They were too busy in clicking photographs and calling their relatives to come and see the wonder that they did not think of calling for help. All the show off and drama to save the planet and nature was coming to see the truth of light. A setup that was supposed to work in such conditions was completely absent. Everyone, who was there, was clueless about what they could do. Such shame. All technological development that humans boasted off returned no result. They could not even push the king of waters back into water let alone provide a safe place for him to live. Humans once again had failed the kingdoms of forests and waters. They had again failed God. They had again proven short of fulfilling their purpose.

PS: In a shocking incident, all the machinery and intelligence of human beings could not push back a whale into sea on June 26th.

Humans fail again.
Source: Hindustan Times

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Surf it All ! Surf it Fast!

Your smart phone is an integral part of your life today. You can’t survive a day without it unless you really want to prove a point. Every day a new phone is out in market which claims better performance and mind blowing features. Just to be fair to them, some of them do have great specifications and great features.

But problem is that most of us, if not all, bought our smart phones, as it seems, a little early in the timeline of smart phone evolution i.e. approximately a year back or a little more. All this development in smart phone industry has made our phones like Amitabh Bachchan from the movie “Pa”. They are not all that old but they appear and function like one.

When I bought my phone 1 GB RAM was fantastic and dual core processors were thing of the time. Apps were light and the default browser was able to get anything rendered on our screen even on 2G. OK, that is an exaggeration. However, if you remember that time (around 2013) we were happy with simpler things.

Now APPs are heavy and they are countless to say the least. Last week I had to get rid of my facebook and messenger both apps. They were beating the living out of my phone. My browser was hanging, my phone was dying more often than not and problems were countless. Many times I felt like throwing away my phone and getting a new one but then I remembered all the EMIs I had paid for this one, so decided to keep it for another year and get rid of all, I mean all, heavy apps.

Now, that is something which is not good. What’s the point of a smart phone which is a thing of past and does not have half of the things that save you money, time and hassle. Most importantly get you information fast and are reliable.

Then a day came, I had to disable my full fledged browser and go back to the default one. It has been doing the job but I am used to better things in life. As they say necessity is mother of inventions. It made me search for better options, if not really invent them.

US browser ( may just be the answer to all our problems. It is fast, it is light, it saves data in browsing and it is available on your Google Play Store for free. Yuvraj Singh, our beloved cricketer is promoting this browser. You can watch him talking about the features of this browser in the following video.

At the time of any cricket series, we all want to keep ourselves updated on scores and commentaries. So many times our slow networks do not allow us the seamless connectivity that we desire. UBC Browser comes with a built-in UC Cricket feature which is one stop shop for all your cricket related information needs. You can get all that in just one click.

So here is what I recommend, keep your old browser for now, download UC browser and try it out.

Go get a flat belly! not tomorrow, today !!

Just like there are no shortcuts to success, there are none to a flat belly. You ought to work out and take proper diet to finally show off your toned abs. Many of us tend to believe that we can get great abs by working out and maintaining our diet for some time and then once we have it we can go around eating from this corner and other. The whole understanding is wrong, to say the least.

In movie, Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith talks about his daily routine and calls that part of his the pursuit of happiness. All the struggles that he had to face in that movie made him think more than once that happiness was not something that could be achieved, it could only be pursued. But we later got to know that right amount of efforts and dedication can actually help you find “happiness”. In the same way, ”pursuit of a flat belly” is something that requires consistent effort and great determination.  On our way we should take all the help that we can. Follow a regular exercise regime, get your beauty sleep, stay away from stress, keep away from happy, sad or stress eating, do not touch alcohol, say no to smoking and most importantly set your diet.

Now, that if makes you feel dizzy better stop reading here. But if you have the courage and determination that you think you do, there are a lot of people, industries and forums that will help you.  

Dabur (@DaburHoney_Ind) has pioneered the process of bringing the goodness of nature into our lives through their wide range of products. This time it is going to their “Honey”.  They have come up with this great concept of “Honey Diet” which helps you sustain your efforts for fitness. They have created 7 days crash diet plan for you so that you can lose those extra pounds and get in the shape that you had always wanted. It’s not about getting slim only, it is about getting fit. You don’t have to be slim to be happy with yourself and enjoy being in your skin. But you must be fit.

I don’t intend to preach here about the importance of fitness. You must try to live a better life, so that you can pass on better values to the next generation.  

Like Lord Krishna said in Shree Mad-Bhagwad Geeta , “Karmanyevadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachana” which means focus on your karma and leave your worries about outcomes to me. Grab your glass of lemon water and 2 table spoons of honey and follow your Honey Diet ( get started on the path of a better tomorrow. All you need to do is, fill some basic information about your health and get your diet plan on your registered email id. Once you have it follow it religiously.

I wish you all a fitter and flatter belly.



Thursday, May 07, 2015

Kapil Dev and #EkNayiLeague

Kapil Dev’s Ek Nayi League. What is this #EkNayiLeague ?  In all the videos Kapi Dev is saying “DIl se khela to Hit Wicket” which means that “If you played with heart, you would definitely fail”. How is that possible?  It is possible only if your mind is more important for this game than your heart. You would need to apply your brains to play in this league.

My best guess is it that it is going to be an online cricket strategy game. Where you would create teams, buy and sell players, manage and coach your team to win matches to go on and win top honours.

In one the videos he talks about players making a lot of money, which makes him happy. I am excited about a possibility that this league would offer players an opportunity to win a lot of money.

In another video he talks about girls and sports for them in India. This is one field where we really need to do better that too when we have really great talent in India. Sania and Saina are making us proud along with many other stars in various other sports. I think there is definitely going to be something for girls in this league. A team comprising both male and female players or is it going to be male and female both competing with their grey matter in strategy to win this league?

In videos Kapil Dev has talked about many celebrities as well. I wonder where they fit in? Would they be part of teams, sponsors of teams or owners of team? There is a lot of excitement around it. I see on twitter that many lucky fans are getting to meet Kapil. It is just great. It is a great way to promote a sport in country and provide an level playing field to everyone.

After going in the direction that it is definitely going to be an online strategy game based on cricket, now I am getting many other thoughts. I have a strong feeling that it has something to do with tennis. He talks about Sania Mirza. I wonder why that is.

No matter what it is now, there is a lot of suspense around it. I am very curious to find out. I wish if there was any way to find this out right now. I have already combed internet via Google search results but no luck.

Kapil Dev is an icon and I am sure whatever he is bringing out is going to be phenomenal and it would benefit all sports lovers and his crazy fans. I, for one, am looking forward to play in this #EkNayiLeague. ( .

Wait, I have another guess, oh no I have got many. Waiting for the secret to reveal itself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Change your Smart Phone Experience!!

When is the right time to change your phone? I feel it is when your current phone becomes too slow that you feel like it is from the Stone Age and you need to wait for a few life times before it opens the app that you touched and have stared at since. Worse is when you start getting a call in the midst of your app launch.
What were these “smart phones” invented for? To help you multitask, to help stay in touch with your emails, texts, tweets and statuses on various other platforms, in nutshell to help you stay connected, to help you do basic things with your phone that otherwise would require you to find a laptop with a decent internet connection.
If I am out there to find a new phone for myself which can give me a satisfactory performance or better, I would have my apprehensions. These days there are just too many brands which are boasting of great experience, I would steer clear of such claims and do my own research before I choose my next phone.  One phone which stands out in comparison and has received acclaim from my peers is ASUS Zenfone2.
Why, I think, this could be a game changer in redefining what a customer should expect from his / her smart phone is because of the amazing specification and features this phone boasts of. Here are top 5 –
1.       4 GB LPDDR3 RAM – that is 8 times more RAM compared to what I had in first desktop. For a layman, that means that you get about 4 times clock frequency and as many times data transfer rate which translates into great performance of your apps.
2.       4G Support – 4 G is here already and a few other phones have the support built-in for 4G networks.  Telecom providers are providing it almost at the same cost as 3G data services so why not use it while it is cheap (although I feel it would anyway remain affordable even after all phones would have it). A new phone should enable you to do something that your current phone did not. So 4G it is.
3.       Better Visual Experience – ASUS Zenfone2 has a 5.5 inch screen in a traditional body of a 5 inch phone. That means it would fit in your pocket same as a 5 inch phone but give you much better visual experience.
4.       Intuitive Rear Controls for Selfie generation – Everywhere you go, you can find people clicking selfies with phone which were not specifically made for it. Here is a phone with strategically placed controls for that perfect selfie.
5.       This phone has many features and great specifications but I would go to the Achilles Heel of many other smart phones which this particular phone tries to cover as much as possible, its battery. With 3000 mAH Li-polymer batter it promises your longer battery. A longer battery life has been a criterion for selection of phone since time immemorial. Fast charging feature available with this phone is cherry on top.

I could go buy this phone for many logical reasons like many of us but I would buy this one just because of the emotional connection that ASUS has with my computer experience. It was an ASUS chipset which hosted all other components for my first desktop. It changed my life then, I am sure it would change it again with ASUS Zenfone2. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Digital Skills for India

Knowledge economy is not a new phrase. For long many countries have worked hard to increase their technological prowess. They have been able to generate a lot of economic success by doing so. Industrial growth is all about having skilled people who are ready to start working the day infrastructure becomes available. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi India has embarked on the path of creating sets and sets of skilled workers who are trained to work in particular sectors and not just rely on traditional knowledge of various low paying jobs.

Indian villages still are not part of India’s growth story mainly because people who live in villages have been disconnected from the mainstream development for so long. Although based on numbers you can go ahead and argue that they are the actual mainstream of this country. They are still forced to do what they have been doing for generations, the way they have been doing it ever since.

Under the purview of  #DigitalIndia campaign Government of India is trying to fill this gap. By taking the first world inventions to villages they are trying to connect the available knowledge with available workforce. Idea to train people with digital skills is going to be a game changer. People will be able to learn skills that will enable and empower them. They will be ready for the new world. One very important thing which will come out of this would be that they would get their voice in the increasing sphere of social media.

Intel’s ( Digital Skills for India Program is a great boost for the vision of PM Modi. Intel has been a pioneer in computing field. They have taken an initiative to train 5 million people and take the technological knowhow to 1000 panchayats. I would like to thank them and congratulate them for their efforts and becoming part of our growth engine.

I was born in one such village and in my first 15 years of life I had not even seen a computer and did not get to touch one for another year.  I got to learn the use of a computer for the first time when I took admission in my under graduate course. That, if you think, delayed exposure to the rest of the world and technological developments by years.

This initiative by Intel is going to give people the kick start that they need in the villages. They will know that a smart phone or a laptop with a broadband connection is all that they need to stay connected with rest of the world.

There is one particular aspect that I would like to be included in this digital literacy campaign. We all know that when people get something new their hands they first learn to misuse it. In all the trainings and educational sessions, they must be taught what not to do as well. The growth needs direction and should be imparted from the very beginning.

Very best wishes to all the partners, especially Intel and BBNL, in this endeavour.